Most of our projects come to us through great public relations/public affairs companies. These include the Happonen Communications, Bartlett Group, Admark, DDB, PPA, Cocker-Fennessy, Gogerty Stark Marriott, and others. While many projects are produced directly for companies and public entities (National Institutes of Health, City of Los Angeles, etc.), the majority are the result of referrals from PR firms. We find that working with these highly skilled PR people is a real pleasure, and produces great results.


We’re veterans of many years in TV news, having worked as both reporters and photographers. We covered everything from crime stories to medical breakthroughs to Presidential campaigns. Over the years in the news business, producing cohesive, compelling, and informative stories against tight deadlines on a daily basis helped develop the skills that we bring to production of videos for our clients.


Our videos are produced to the highest standards in all aspects: scripts, photography, and editing. Our style: straightforward storytelling, lots of interviews, and often on-camera segments by the video’s host/narrator.


Working for years in television news taught us how to put people at ease so that the very best on-camera interviews can be accomplished. This is of special importance because interviews often make or break a video.


In TV news, our daily challenge was to produce accurate, balanced–and interesting–stories under virtually impossible deadlines. Today, when the project demands it, we use those same skills to deliver superior productions on the tightest of timelines. Examples: we produced and uplinked a high quality, nationally-distributed video news release (VNR) for Nintendo in less than one day. Similarly, we produced (shot, edited, and distributed) a VNR for Cocker-Fennessy client BP in half a day.


Jerry Kemp is president of Kemp Communications, a Seattle-based video production company, producing videos in the following main categories: security training; public relations/public affairs; staff training; internal communications; video news releases; marketing and development. The company was founded in 1991.

Clients include Microsoft, NASDAQ, DDB (Seattle) and its clients Dell Computer, REI, Pep Boys, Holland America, Air France, energy companies Texaco, Conoco, Shell (through Technical Response Planning, Houston), the City of Los Angeles, the National Institutes of Health, and many others.

Before starting Kemp Communications, Jerry worked for 14 years as a reporter at KSTW-TV in Seattle, covering stories ranging from education and the environment to Presidential campaigns. Prior to that, Jerry worked for four years as a TV news shooter for KING-TV in Seattle. Jerry graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Communications.